Aesthetic and Function

As artists and designers we must be sentient to the world around us for which we create for; aesthetically and functionally.

If it lacks aesthetics it will not function; if it is not functional then it will not be aesthetically pleasing.

Summer 2011

So, I will be traveling again this summer, to Europe for a design charette studio in Paris at the international Récollets. Last year, I went to Athens, Greece for a speculative studio on the current socio-economic state of the city in relation to its port; of Piraeus.

I will also be spending a week in London and Rome, touring and also to see the premiere of the last Harry Potter movie. (I am a big fan of!)

I am currently taking an advanced writing and literature class on Harry Potter and analyzing the books in relation to social, economic, political issues, etc…

Summer 2011 Itinerary