First stop: Paris!

Returning to Paris after a year… going to visit the lovelock I left in Pont de l’Archevêché, just behind Notre Dame… and Andrew Kudless‘ installation that’s currently being exhibited at the Centre Pompidou!  And of course, will indulge myself in food!

Ciao, Venezia! I am ready for you! “Tall on the Water,” I will conquer you!

Special thanks to my professors who wrote my recommendations: Michael Bogan and Mark Donohue! I will make you proud!

Workshop/Competition Schedule:

July 2: Introduction

July 3: Site Visit

July 4: Lecture/Design

July 5: Lecture/Design

July 6: Lecture/Design


July 9: Design

July 10: Design

July 11: Design

July 12: Design

July 13: Final Jury

Festa del Redentore

July 16: Model-Making/Renderings

July 17: Model-Making/Renderings

I am so excited for the lectures, and to meet new people and work with them! I’m not familiar with the list of lecturers, however last year they had Massimiliano Fuksas!!!