Day 1-3 in Venezia!!! Ciao!

I am so sorry for not keeping updated with my travel blog (if ever I have any readers out there… probably my family… I used to blog a lot before, in highschool… so trying to pick up back on it, especially with this international workshop and competition)

So as most of you know I was selected to do a skyscraper design in a workshop and competition here at the Venice Architectural Association here in the Universitá IUAV di Venezia, which is the top architecture school in all of Italy; most known for their connection with the Venice Biennale!  The event is, of course sponsored by SOM, Honeywell, Permasteelisa (Façade) Group and many more… I can’t remember off the top of my head…  It’s now day 3 into the competition, but before I got into detail of what has happened today… will update you on what has happened since I landed in Paris…

So, I landed in Paris, the day after the city’s Pride event, but the city was still festive with the un-cleaned rainbow-colored decorations… I only spent 5 hours in the city, taking the RER from CDG to Gare du Nord, switching onto the 4-Metro and getting off at Gare de L’est, where I dropped by the Recollets, where I lived last summer in Paris… From Gare de L’est I took the 7-Metro to the Palais Royal to visit the Da Vinci’s in the Louvre… luckily the line were short that day and was able to get in the museum in less than 20 minutes! I, of course, had only one intention… to actually enjoy the works without documenting it—just admiring the works… So I only visited the right wing (Denon)… Of course, La Joconde was crowded as usual, there were at least 14 other Da Vinci’s in the Louvre, many are unknown to the tourists… Three or four were just outside the hall of where the La Joconde was…  My favorite work by Da Vinci is actual the La Belle Ferroniere…  Mainly because of the controversy surrounding it, that she was not actually painted by Da Vinci… for many reasons.  Many believed that her mysteriously missing hands is an indication that she was not a work of the master, also her hair seems to be unfinished… lacking the detail in chiaroscuro and sfumato that Da Vinci is known for… But many do believe that she was done by the great master because of the detail of the fabric of her clothes… anyway, do not want to bore you with any more art stuff, as I have probably have already… After an hour in the Louvre, I walked down Rue de Rivoli going down towards the Notre Dame, and having lunch around the neighborhood (I had canard di confit and of course foie gras)… back to the Pont Archeveche to look for the love-lock that I left on the bridge… but I really can’t find it… and I didn’t want to spend all the time looking for it, as I had a limited time in Paris… Went back up north to the Beaubourg neighborhood to see my previous professor’s work that’s currently under exhibition in the Pompidou! It was amazing!!!  I was proud to have taken 2 classes with him, and wished I was able to have taken more…

After the Pompidou, decided that my little day trip in Paris was over, so I headed back to the airport, after stopping by Ladurée… YUM!!! This time, I took pictures =)  It was close to 7PM when I got back to CDG, and waited for 2 hours for my connecting flight to Venezia!

(… will update it more later, when I have wi-fi)

One response to “Day 1-3 in Venezia!!! Ciao!

  1. Hi Son: I’m so happy to read your updated travel and given the chance to see some of your favorite places in Paris during your stop over. It’s amazing too that at a young age you are a will travelled person and enjoyed very much of what you see around you. Well, Honey keep up your good job and your spirit is so alive and calm which for me you can overcome any circumstances in your power because you are a gifted person. Take care of yourself and my hug and kisses. I live you. Love, Mama.

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